Our Story

 Our story starts because our journey to vibrant health was complicated.  Before we launched NewLife Naturals, we dealt with chronic health issues of our own. Issues that included persistent inflammation, chronic fatigue, and other internal imbalances that significantly impacted our quality of life. After years of trial and error, we realized prescription medications and conventional healthcare methods were not working for us. In fact, sometimes those methods made things worse. We didn’t understand why there weren’t natural supplements that were in fact natural, and did not have additional ingredients added to them.

What we wanted was simple. We wanted an alternative approach to wellness that was safe, natural, and effective. We wanted to find and buy health products made from clean, easy-to-read ingredients from a company that genuinely cared about our health.

Along the way, we were surprised and disappointed to discover that many supplement and personal care brands sell low-quality products made with complicated and mysterious ingredients. Even some well-known brands fall short of implementing industry best practices. They make you feel like a number instead of a customer.

Through long days of research and testing, we found the right ingredients to restore our body’s balance as part of our mind, body, and soul healing journey. We knew that if it can work for us, it can work for others — With our newfound confidence and improved health, NewLife Naturals was born.

Today, at NewLife Naturalswe know your health and safety is important to you, and it’s important to us, too. With our products, we found a way to share what we wish we had early on: trust, expertise, and natural clean label products with easy-to-read ingredients.

Every day we’re committed to uphold the highest standards of safety and care with our do no harm principles. Our remedies comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are all made in the USA.

We started to take the confusion out of natural health products and help people take control of their health. We’re happy to say we’re keeping that promise with high-quality clean label products to help you live a life of optimal wellness.