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Embrace The Menopause Milestone, A Natural Celebration

We specialize in and honor the transformative journey of menopause with our all-natural, estrogen-free solutions. Our products are thoughtfully crafted to provide support during this stage of life, helping you navigate menopause with confidence and vitality.

  • Mara M.

    I'm delighted that NewLife Naturals introduced this product, especially considering the limited options available in the market. It offers excellent value with its really good pricing, higher vitamin E content compared to other brands, and a vegetable base that is non-GMO. I appreciate the all-natural composition, excluding chemicals, fragrances, and notably, Estrogen. They always have high quality products with safety in mind for their customers.

    Mara M.

  • Dominique K.

    I have used a couple other brands of boric acid suppositories, and this overall is a great one! It does not give you the “chalky” feeling, and my body absorbs it very well. Of course, or we speak with a doctor before anything; however, if you need something quick and convenient to reset your pH, this is the one!

    Dominique K.

  • Cristy

    My gyno actually prescribed me this exact strength of boric acid pill when I was suffering from some on-again-off-again BV. It quickly cleared the problem and then I found this product online. I'll use a pill every once in a while when things seem a little "off" usually right after I finish my period and my pH has changed. I love that it's natural and helps avoid the use of antibiotics. I've used it to treat very mild yeast infections as well. I've recommended this to so many friends. It's an unexpected "holy grail" product lol.


  • EmCheb

    This stuff is freakin’ awesome. Like so many others, I suffer from dryness. Was using a big-brand daily “moisture restore” gel; it helped a little, but only if I was religious about using it, and still didn’t quite do the job.Gave this a go- holy crap! It only takes a tiny bit and stays on all day. After a few days of use, my skin was much less inflamed, and after a week, back to normal.


  • Debbie S.

    NewLife Naturals stands out for its commitment to women's health during menopause. With a focus on safety and natural ingredients, their products offer effective relief and peace of mind. This brand's integrity shines through in every formulation, ensuring women can navigate this stage of life with confidence.

    Debbie S.